What Your Favorite Harry Potter Character Says About Your Parenting

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Albus Dumbledore: You take ‘free-range parenting’ a step farther into what should probably be called ‘survival of the fittest parenting’. Your house is one giant booby trap of carelessly-stacked bookshelves and unlatched cabinets. You serve candy for dinner about three nights a week. You also happen to be the world’s greatest toddler manipulator (or at least wish you were, and admire those with better toddler-wrangling skills than you).


Neville Longbottom: You put on a ‘disappointed’ face when your kid didn’t make the sports team or land a role in the school play, but really, you were kind of relieved. Working in the family garden is much more your speed, and even if your kid leans toward ‘average’ now, you’re sure he’s going to bloom any day now, whether that’s in a saving-the-world kind of way or just a, “Oh hey, when did this cute little pudgy buck-toothed child become supermegafoxyawesomehot?” way.


Severus Snape: You … don’t really like kids. If your child didn’t have your spouse’s beautiful eyes, you probably would have long since tried to trade him in for something you find much more cute and snuggly and obedient. Like a pit viper.

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