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What Your Diaper Bag Says About You

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5. Vera Bradley.

Even though you tell yourself that you’re an individual because all of your friends have chosen different patterns, having a Vera Bradley diaper bag makes you a Basic. But on the bright side, you can totally toss your diaper bag in the washer when your baby spills your Starbucks on it.

6. Free bag from formula company.

You’re far too hipster to choose a traditional baby name, let alone purchase a mass produced diaper bag. You use the bag your pediatrician gave you, but in the most ironic way possible. Your crib is made of upcycled wood pallets and your birth announcements were electronic only. Once your child starts solids you’ll post Facebook pictures of her trying sushi and fancy cheeses.

7. Handmade.

You’ve already knitted most of your baby’s wardrobe, so you figured why stop there. You can do amazing things with chevron fabric and your Pinterest board is mostly original posts from your own projects.

8. Designer. 

You believe being a mom is no reason to neglect your style. If anything, your look is even more on point now because your baby is the ultimate accessory. Your infant’s giant flower headband must coordinate with your own outfit.


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