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What Your Child’s Lunch Says About You

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5. Bento box lunch.

Making elaborate lunches for your babies is your God-given right as a mother. Ignore those bitchy room moms who give your rice creatures dirty looks, all you care about is making your child light up with glee each time she opens her lunch box. Besides, you didn’t really want to join the PTA anyway.

6. Hot Lunch.

You don’t have a private chef, but you are more than happy to leave what cooking you can to the professionals.

7. Lunchables.

You’re living out the childhood you never got to have through your offspring. They hate the rubbery cheese, but cherish the Dunkaroos you include, so everyone wins.

8. Leftovers.

Last night’s episode of Scandal & wine = phoning it in on Friday morning. It’s okay, we’ve all been there and its practically the weekend anyhow.


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