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What Your Astrological Sign Says About Your Parenting Style

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You were super popular in school so naturally you expect your children to follow in your footsteps and have a hard time understanding the term “shy”. You don’t just attend the PTA meetings, you run them like a boss.


You’re a worrier who’s always insisting on your kids wearing hats, scarfs, gloves and boots the instant the temperature dips below forty degrees. Your desire for everything to look perfect allows you to pull off even the most elaborate Pinterest crafts with ease.


You’re easygoing and fair, so it falls to you to mediate any fights between your kids. You rarely yell, preferring to reason with your children when they are misbehaving, and when that fails, you use time out.


You’re focused and passionate, making you the quintessential stage parent. Whether your kid does a somersault you see it as a sign to jump into the world of competitive cheerleading. You vowed to get your son into a Division One hockey school after their first attempt on skates. You know your kid can be the best and you’re not going to let anyone stand in their way.


You’re outgoing and energetic, which makes you the parent who’s always happy to host sleepovers, though your propensity for flightiness means your partner might get stuck planning some of the details. Your straightforwardness and honesty makes you easy to talk to about difficult subjects, so try not to be too smug when you’re privy to all the high school gossip and your friends are complaining about how their teenagers never talk to them.


You’re practical, careful and prudent, meaning your the parent who intimates all the other parents at daycare because you always seem to have everything together. You never forget to pack the diaper bag and you even have bandages and antibacterial wipes with you on the playground. Your patient nature means you’ll be the one your kids come to for help with their math homework and your tendency towards moodiness means your sullen teenager will have they feel actually understands them.

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