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10 Things You Will Spend Money On Once You’re Done Paying For Daycare

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6. More Groceries Because Your Kids Eat Everything


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Oh God, since when do first graders pack away as much food as a 200-lb. man? The older they get, the more I have to buy. Last week was well over $200 and the cupboards were looking lean after three days. They never.stop.eating.

7. Birthday Gifts For All The Parties Your Kids Go To


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Even if you only do a handful of the parties your kids get invited to and spend $15-20 on a gift, that adds up quickly. Your second grader has as more active social life than you do!

8. New Car Because You Can’t Drive Your Kid’s AND Their Friends In Yours


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We are heading into the phase where my kids want to bring friends home from school or have a friend spend the night at Nana and Papa’s camp. My backseat is getting squished, I may have to cave and get a mini-van.

9. Big Kid Toys


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As your kids get older, the toys and games they want get more expensive. American Girl dolls, tablets, video game systems- holy shit, it never ends.

10. Braces!


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We had an appointment for our seven year old recently and the dentist said she would almost certainly need braces one day. Better take it out of the Tahiti account.

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