Open Thread: What TV Shows Do You Want To See Recapped On Mommyish?

shutterstock_220485664We here at Mommyish are already mourning next week’s 19 Kids And Counting finale because it means a Duggar break we neither want, nor need. But since we love recapping ridiculous reality TV shows, we wanna know: what show should we recap next? What do you watch that you want to read about on the site? What is the most absurd reality TV show that we’re not watching, but should be? It should be parenting/family/mom/kid/pregnancy/woman-oriented, natch. Think: Extreme Guide To Parenting.

We know Kate Gosselin has a new show coming out soon and will most definitely be all over it, but if there’s something on your radar that we MUST know about, please tell us below!


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