Watch Out Weight Watchers, The ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ Workout DVD Is Here

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51miM6+CndL._SL500_AA300_Watch out there, Weight Watchers. The almighty What To Expect When You’re Expecting brand might be battling you for some of that baby weight clientele. The multi-decade “pregnancy bible,” pioneered by Heidi Murkoff, has officially entered the postpartum pounds pandemonium. We’re looking at you too, Tracy Anderson.

The fitness DVD reportedly includes six exercises — designed by Murkoff herself — for women of all trimesters. The What To Expect entrepreneur maintains that the workout routine was designed to be used throughout pregnancy:

 Workouts include: 3 Cardio 2 Strength and 1 Stretch & Relax-plus bonus workouts you can do anywhere anytime. Staying healthy fit and sexy when you’re expecting has never been so easy! CARDIO: BAREFOOT & PREGNANT: Enjoy this gentle Pilates-based workout that focuses on balance muscle strength and circulation. BABY BUMP BOOT CAMP: Back-to-basics training to build stamina and strength for a healthier pregnancy. BABY STEPS: Bust some baby moves with this sexy fun easy-to-follow dance routine. STRENGTH: CUTE TO THE CORE: Fight aches pains and flab while keeping your abs and hips strong and toned with Pilates-based moves. BUNS IN THE OVEN: Target-tone your buns with this total-body workout designed to firm up your legs buns and thighs. STRETCH & RELAX: MIND BODY & BABY: Practice gentle yoga moves to help rejuvenate your aching body and tight muscles.

Those of you who are already fans of the peppy workout DVD will find all the same glossy fixins — including but not limited to teeny tiny little mics, brightly colored tank tops, and big, big smiles. Plus shiny hair.

My only question to the What To Expect camp is what took so long? We’re talking about a brand that vastly predates Pregnant In Heels, the trendy mommy blogosphere, Victoria Beckham-like body aspirations, and fat-shaming pregnant women tabloids. Where you guys been?

You’re more than welcome to make grabs for the oh so lucrative pregnant lady fitness market *pie. My only point is that there aren’t that many slices left.

*(Fat-free pie)