What The Royal Baby Can Eat, According To Royal Rules

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If Meghan does nurse the royal baby, there are rules she also has to follow. Shocker!

Image: Instagram/@meghanofsussex

Back when royals used wet nurses, the women were prohibited from eating garlic during the time they breastfed the royal babies. It was believed that garlic would change the flavor of their milk! Also, Queen Elizabeth is opposed to garlic in general and doesn’t allow it to be used in the royal kitchens. So the royal baby won’t be getting any garlicky breast milk, LOL. Royal mamas are also supposed to stick to a bland diet for the entire time they’re nursing, so spices are a no-no. They also can’t have any alcohol while they’re breastfeeding, which is pretty common even for non-royal moms. But no pump-and-dump for the royals!

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