What The Royal Baby Can Eat, According To Royal Rules

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Utensil use isn’t the only thing the royal baby needs to practice. There are royal rules for using a napkin, too.

Image: Instagram/@designs.by.rubyshari

Obviously we’re talking about nice cloth napkins here. You didn’t really expect the royal family to use off-brand Bounty, did you? Dinner is a formal affair, and at formal affairs, you get the good napkins. But these are members of the royal family, so they don’t just go wiping their face willy-nilly. First, napkins are folded in half. When they need to wipe their mouth or fingers, they open the napkin and use only the inside of the fol. That way, when they are done and place the napkin back on their lap, they don’t run the risk of dirtying their clothes. It also hides the mess they’ve just wiped from their face.

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