What The Royal Baby Can Eat, According To Royal Rules

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Breastfeeding isn’t exactly the norm for royals. But we feel like Meghan Markle will be nursing the royal baby!

royal baby

Image: Instagram/@sussexroyal_family

Until recently (like 20th century recently), the royal family was actually pretty anti-breastfeeding. They considered it to be improper and dangerous (LOL!), and used the services of wet nurses when royal babies were young. But when Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne, things began to change. People wanted royals to be more accessible. It’s rumored that the Queen nursed Prince Charles, and Princess Diana nursed both her sons. It’s believed that Kate Middleton also used a combination of breast and bottle with all three of her kids. But are we wrong to assume Meghan is 100% Team Boob? Either, way, fed is best, even for a royal baby.

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