What The Royal Baby Can Eat, According To Royal Rules

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The royal chefs are typically in charge of the royal baby menu, since being a member of the royal family doesn’t leave a lot of time for cooking.

Image: Instagram/@meghanthetig

Listen, we get it. We only get a home-cooked meal on the table about 50% of the time, and we aren’t even close to being royalty. It’s hard, especially when you’ve got a young baby or toddler! So Meghan and Harry will likely make good use of having a team of chefs on standby. But that doesn’t mean that Meghan won’t or can’t get in the kitchen and whip up some delicious meals. Kate reportedly cooks for the kids when she gets a chance, making favorites like curry and homemade pizza. And we know that Meghan loves food and loves to cook, so once she gets into a good routine, we imagine she’ll spend plenty of time cooking for the royal baby.

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