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10 Mundane Things That Are Awesome After You Become A Parent

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Probably my favorite thing about being a new parent, besides the kids that I love so dearly, is how much parenting has lowered my expectations. Now, when I do anything that was once considered normal, it is so EXHILARATING because I hardly ever leave the house. This is not a tale of woe or mommy martyrdom; I actually appreciate how my shut-in status has made me excited about mundane, everyday crap.

Here are 10 normal things that become epically fun once you have kids:

1. Going to the grocery store by yourself.

This was hands-down the most thrilling thing I did in the weeks after having a baby. It was simultaneously eerie to run errands without another person living in my body.

2. Going to bed early.

On most nights, hitting the hay at 9 PM feels like a blessing sent from heaven above. I’m not lame, I’m just tired.

3. Sleeping until 8 AM.

8 AM used to sound early to me, but now if I get to sleep in until eight on a weekend, I know it’s going to be a fabulous day.

4. Taking a shower alone.

If I want to multitask, I’ll leave one of my kids in the bathroom to stare at me while I shower; if it’s my lucky day, I’ll shower alone and take my sweet goddamn time.

5. Going out for ice cream.

Any time that the stars align and we are able to have a happy ice cream outing as a family, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. I never realized ice cream could taste so good.

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