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Open Thread: What Items Should Be Left Off A Baby Registry?

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We’re always amassing lists of suggestions about baby registries: what you should register for, where you should register, and what the appropriate etiquette regarding asking for gifts. Every time we post one of those stories there are always so many great suggestions in the comments — so let’s do this. Let’s let pregnant women everywhere know what they DON’T NEED. It could be like hundreds of friends getting together to give their pregnant friend some great advice.

I had no idea what to register for when I was pregnant with my first child. I came away with a lot of stuff whose only function ended up being taking up valuable space in my small apartment. Infant gyms, special baby seats, bottle sterilizers — I did not need this stuff. How was I supposed to know?

I’m guessing there will be some disagreement here, but what were the things you registered for that you ended up not needing at all? Let’s save some lucky pregnant woman some valuable space in her apartment. Or convince her to take that bottle sterilizer back and trade it in for something she actually needs.

Ready? Go!

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