What Is an Orgasmic Birth and Is It Possible to Have Pleasure During Labor, Not Pain?

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Makes sense from nature’s perspective

Doctors and experts in childbirth actually say the idea of an orgasmic birth makes a lot of sense from nature’s perspective–a woman feeling like she could orgasm during birth is going to have endorphins and oxytocin in her body. The endorphins override pain signals in the body. Oxytocin not only helps her feel good and happy and joyful, but it also helps her labor and birth go faster too. Win-win all around.

One of the key things to remember: any type of pleasure a woman might feel during birth isn’t necessarily the same type of pleasure a woman might experience during sex with a partner, but it’s still a pleasurable experience.

And that sure as heck beats the pain of a contraction any day. So why would any woman feel ashamed about that?

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