What Is an Orgasmic Birth and Is It Possible to Have Pleasure During Labor, Not Pain?

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“I moved, stood, swayed, listened to music, took a shower, and enjoyed each last surge of ecstatic orgasmic release as my baby slid from my body into my arms,” she described to Glamour magazine.

So now that we know that it’s possible to have an orgasm during birth, can we just talk about, um, how it’s actually possible to have an orgasm during birth?

Here’s how it is physically possible:

During the end stages of labor and especially near the very end as a woman’s body is getting serious about getting that baby out, the uterus contracts pretty rhythmically about every one to two minutes. The uterus and vagina are connected and as the baby’s head moves down, it’s also moving down at a steady pace.

Picture the woman kind of rocking during labor to open up the birth canal, the baby’s head bumping into the birth canal opening, and the vagina and uterus rhythmically moving in conjunction with the contractions as a woman relaxes instead of tenses up in pain and voila–an instance recipe for orgasmic birth.

And on the other side, some women straight-up have sex or masturbate during labor as a form of pain relief. Women who have used clitoral stimulation during labor describe it was a way to turn labor into pleasure, even if it’s not a completely sexual pleasure.

“Birth & Sex operate in almost the exact same ways,” wrote one blogger, who chose to, as she describes, “touch herself” during labor. “The hormones, sensations, the anatomy involved, brain activity, receptors…they are all so heavily intertwined. Our vulvas swell, blood flow is increased, we moan, sway our hips, deep breathing, sweat – we drop into a seriously sacred intimate space. Heck, women around the world are experiencing orgasmic childbirth. I wanted to make sure I had a piece of that pie!”

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