What Is A Fever Sticker? They Are A Must-Have When A Kid Gets Sick

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It’s that time of year when the kids go back to school and it seems like every week a different kid is coming home with some cold or flu stuff. That means we have to stock up on fever medication, tissues, popsicles, and deal with the lack of sleep. It’s a crummy time for all having to monitor the fever and generally feeling like crap while taking care of our kids. We can all related to the struggle to fall asleep when you’re sick, and as parents the last thing we want to do is wake a sleeping sick kid to take their temperature. But, it’s important to know if the fever reducing medication knocked back the temperature a little bit, or if it’s still climbing despite efforts.

And waking up a sick kid in the middle of a sleep to take their temperature sucks. But we have to do it if you have an oral, underarm, or ear thermometer… but have you ever thought about a fever sticker?

These products aren’t new, but for new and seasoned moms, most of us don’t realize their an option to use for just these times. They are the perfect tool to help us keep track of that fever and make sure it’s not reaching dangerous levels, and still allows our child to sleep without interruption. And it sounds a heck of a lot more comfortable than using any other type of thermometer to read a temp.

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Physio Logic’s Fever-Bugz Stick-On Fever Indicators are one of the brands that you can pick up — from your local store or on Amazon, and they work just like it sounds. They’re a sticker that you place on your child’s forehead, shaped like a cute bugs, these give a temperature read out on the sticker. It tracks the different temperatures, each one listed in one of the bugs dots, that way you’re not only getting a read of the temperature — but a history of it as well.

This is next level fever fighting stuff.

Physio Logic's Fever-Bugz Stick-On Fever Indicators

Image: Physio Logic’s Fever-Bugz Stick-On Fever Indicators

The stickers can stay in place for 48-hours and can be placed on the arm, chest, or  forehead easily with the latex-free gentle adhesive. These stickers can survive bath time, and are  guaranteed to be accurate within 1 degree Fahrenheit.

According to Amazon, “Within seconds, Fever-Bugz will light up and indicate N, 99, 101, 103, 105. Fever-Bugz use encapsulated liquid crystal technology to indicate the user’s body temperature in 2 degree increments and is accurate within 1 degree Fahrenheit. Fever- Bugz Stick-On Fever Indicators conveniently fit in your pocket or wallet, so you can always have them on hand.”

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Posted by Lisa Ling on Thursday, August 17, 2017

These sound like they should be in the hands of very person who has a little child at home. The product recommends these only be used on children 12-months old and above, and they do suggest that if you get an “unusual reading” to double check with another thermometer.
According to the Mayo Clinic, a typical  normal temperature is 98.6 Fahrenheit. Normal signs of a fever include sweating, chills and shivering, muscle aches, and dehydration, and typically a fever isn’t a bad thing per say since it’s what helps fight the infection or virus off. But, the site suggests that if your child is not responding, not making eye contact, vomits repeatedly, or the fever lasts longer than three days, it’s time to check in with the doctor.

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