What Is a Fairy Garden?

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Making magic happen for our kids is one of the best parts of parenting, right? Whether it’s taking a bite out of the cookies left for Santa on Christmas Eve, or introducing your child to their favorite character at an amusement park, there’s nothing like the joy of making them believe! The really great thing is, we can keep the magic alive all year long, right at home. Fairy gardens are a wonderful bit of whimsy that anyone can put together, and it doesn’t take much! You don’t need to be crafty, or have a big backyard. All you need is a little imagination and a lot of love. So what is a fairy garden, and how do you make one?

If you’ve never heard of them you might be wondering, what is a fairy garden?

In a nutshell, a fairy garden is a miniature garden with structures and living plants. We’re talking tiny houses, chairs, and accessories designed to lure magical fairies to your garden! They’re incredibly sweet and absolutely beautiful, and they make a wonderful addition to any home garden.

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Fairy gardens can fit anywhere (that’s part of their appeal!), so don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of space in your yard. You can even put a little fairy garden on your patio or deck! They can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like, too. Fairies aren’t too particular about the details.

How can you make your own fairy garden?

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Fairy gardens are one of those perfect crafts that require nothing more than your imagination and what you have lying around the house! You can use anything for the structures (although fish tank homes are perfect in a pinch). You can even build little houses out of sticks and twigs and leaves.

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You can even find fairy garden kits if you want to simplify your life a bit! A kit is a great idea for a child, and allows them to place and care for their very own fairy garden.

So what is a fairy garden? In one word: magic. Bring a bit of whimsy to your home with one of your own. Who knows, maybe you’ll even catch yourself a fairy!

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