What If Your 4-Year-Old Were Bullied Daily On Her School Bus?

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There’s something so delicious about a local TV station’s investigative reporter. You know, the kind that check out mean retailers or lazy government officials? Well, one local TV station in Milwaukee sent its I-Team to investigate … the shenanigans happening on a bus ridden by a 4-year-old.

Here’s the deal, Mrs. Edwards (no first name given) is a mother to a 4-year-old girl. She’s fed up with the treatment her daughter receives on the bus. She says she’s hit, tormented and has had three pairs of glasses broken by the other children. She called the Milwaukee Public Schools but no one will do anything.

That’s when the TV station got on board and started following bus number 83. Almost immediately, they see some major horseplay. Then:

But that’s just the beginning. While our camera is rolling we see a whole lot more: fists are flying, we witness what appears to be a child being beaten up right on the bus.
Mile after mile we see kids out of control. Shoes flying, little children pushed and shoved in the aisles, a back pack tossed around, children running around, out of their seats for the entire ride.
“It should have been nipped in the butt a long time ago and it’s not”, Edwards said.

What would you do in a similar situation? I’d be inclined to keep the girl off the bus but perhaps that’s not an option. I admire the mother’s chutzpah in going for a local I-team investigation but there have to be other ideas, too. Should she ride the bus a couple of times? She could then identify the children and talk to the kids’ parents, perhaps? And then the mother could have a bit more of a serious conversation with the bus driver, too? Or what about going to the bus driver’s union? Or the public school teachers’ union? Should she go to the police? I don’t know, but I can’t help but think there’s something to do when the school district is this impotent and incompetent.