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Manbabies Become Engraged When Women Agree With Compliments Online

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I’m sure by now you’ve seen the Bye Felipe Instagram account, where women post screenshots of interactions they have on dating sites when they don’t return a man’s affections. If you’ve somehow avoided it, I’m sorry for ruining your morning. But did you know, as a woman, you may receive the same kind of ire if you do respond to men online and agree with whatever compliment they’ve thrown your way?

Claire Boniface experienced the same thing the women of Bye Felipe experienced – if she didn’t acknowledge their compliments or messages, she would be criticized for not replying. So what would happen if she did acknowledge them? That’s what she set out to uncover when she started what she calls on her Tumblr page “a social experiment.”

“I’m doing a social experiment called ‘agreeing with boys when they compliment you’.”

Can you guess where this is going? If you answered, “some men do not like it when women accept compliments,” you would be right. Gweneth Bateman got wind of the “social experiment” and decided to share the page with her 67,000+ Twitter followers. She tweets the images from her account @spiritualvodka:

Boniface told The Huffington Post, “I was curious to see how the people that messaged me would respond. Often when I get messages on that site simply complimenting me I just ignore them because the compliments are never sincere and I see no reason to respond, so I thought I would try out a simple response of ‘yes’ and see what would happen.”

Bateman tried her own experiment. She decided to be polite about it and see if the reactions changed. They didn’t.




Wow. Clearly, not all men are like this (thank the gods) but where does this kind of reaction even come from? I would guess that for the insecure jerks making these comments, indicating that you know your worth makes them feel unworthy and their egos can’t handle it.

“Many responses state how ‘vain’ and ‘conceited’ I was for agreeing with their compliment which I found baffling,” Bateman told The Huffington Post. “Why give me the compliment in the first place if you didn’t want me to believe it? I feel that some boys believe that women should base their self worth off of the compliment that they feed to them, and as soon as a woman realizes that she’s awesome without their help they get incredibly angry.”