What Exactly About Jennifer Aniston Says ‘Sad Sack’?

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I’m not a big Jennifer Aniston fan, but even I take issue with the tabloid-narrative of her career. The 90s icon and The Good Girl star granted has made quite a few questionable films in recent years — all of the romantic comedy variety in which she’s made to wear a tight dress and make awkward faces into the camera. But since her career has taken a turn for perhaps more lighter roles, magazines and gossip sites have become obsessed with feeling sorry for her, specifically because she doesn’t have a baby or a husband.

Being the ex-wife to Brad Pitt hasn’t helped matters, as Us magazine often reminds us how “blissed out” Brad is with Angelina Jolie and all those kiddies. Meanwhile Gawker ran a headline last year claiming that read “Lonely Jennifer Aniston Begs Her Way Into Another Man’s Life.” This story from is entitled “Jennifer Aniston Warms Her Lonely And Sad Womb.”

In pictures that turned up recently of Jennifer and new boyfriend Justin Theroux, OK! magazine speculates that they look like engagement photos — just because she happens to be hugging her boyfriend in a series of black and white shots:

In a new photo shoot with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, the hot couple embraces on a NYC rooftop, radiating warmth and emotion in four frame-worthy pictures that remind us of professional engagement photos!

The magazine speculates further whether this will finally be “the one” for Jennifer:

What do you think… has Jen finally found her match?

Jennifer is more than aware of the constant pity from the press and the universal assumption that she spends her evenings eating ice cream and crying over saved voicemails from Brad. People magazine ran a cover story earlier this year  in which the headline read “Jennifer Aniston Swears: ‘I”m Happy!”

In February of this year, Jen was pretty up front about the fact she hadn’t dated anyone in over a year and wasn’t adopting any babies at the moment. She also pointed out that fans and the press alike are fixated on her getting married. She told US:

“I think people honestly just want to see me as a mom and married and barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen,” the actress says. “And I just want to say, ‘Everybody, relax! It’s going to happen.’ “

Personally, I don’t understand why everyone is so preoccupied with seeing the conventionally gorgeous 42-year-old waddle around in Lululemons à la Jennifer Garner. She’s a busy lady with a demanding career and a very envied figure, and yet all anybody asks her is whether she’s serious about whoever she is dating or when she’s starting a family. Obviously, Jennifer is throwing gasoline on the fire by assuring readers that “It’s going to happen.” But since splitting from Brad, every solo red carpet appearance or lone Starbucks run results in another headline in which Jennifer is “sad” or “lonely.”

Since going public with her new beau, Jennifer Aniston now walks the streets of New York “beaming” according to PopSugar who wrote this headline: “Jennifer Aniston’s Still Beaming Following Five’s Premiere and Her Sweet Photo Shoot With Justin.” Had the Friends star been single when these photographs surfaced of her walking alone, they surely would have read “Jennifer Aniston Regrets Every Life Choice She’s Ever Made” Or “Jennifer Aniston Purposelessly Wanders NYC In Search Of Man To Date.”

The constant comparisons to mother of six Angelina Jolie doesn’t help either what with her glowing maternal Vanity Fair spread and new screenplay she’s managed to write. But frankly, isn’t Jennifer Aniston the more enviable one among mothers? Isn’t she the one some mommies look at and wish they could be? She’s in her 40s, successful, obviously has enough time to go the gym, has romantic coffee dates, and doesn’t have six little ones tugging on her skirt when she gets home.

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