What Your Child’s Favorite TV Character Says About Them

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There’s no shortage of television shows aimed at young kids, but some are definitely more beloved by children than others. Each show appeals to a different kind of audience and kids develop really strong attachments to their favorite characters. I used to find kids’ shows annoying, but they’ve grown on me in the years since I became a mom. They’re charming in their strangeness and each one features characters and ideas that are completely unique, just like our kids. Here’s what your child’s favorite television character says about them:

1. Thomas The Tank Engine


Like Thomas, your kid is a lovable character whose enthusiasm occasionally almost always leads them astray. Unlike Thomas, your kid isn’t a creepy-ass talking train with serial killer eyes.

2. Daniel Tiger


Your kid will one day star in a Broadway musical, as evidenced by their inability to follow any direction that isn’t set to music. I hope you’re quick on your feet because if ever there’s an emergency, your kid isn’t going to fair well unless you can think of a really jazzy way to sing “Drop the matches and run because you just set the bathroom on fire.”

3. Caillou


I’m just kidding. No one likes Caillou.

4. Ruby of ‘Max and Ruby’ fame


Your kid is a natural born leader who keeps their friends and siblings in line. They have an innate sense of order and a plan in place for every scenario, and seriously, why are you even still here? This kid does not need parental supervision. They’ve been self-sufficient since birth.

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