Open Thread: What Are You Doing For Mother’s Day?

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Tomorrow is our big day, fellow moms! How are you planning to spend it? I’m sure we all have hopes and dreams for how things will go but I’m also sure many of us will end up in arguments with our husbands over how disappointing the day is. Hopefully, not too many of us. You could just follow my system and buy your own gifts and make your own plans, but I know that isn’t for everyone.

I am having brunch tomorrow with my mom, aunt, grandmothers and cousins (and all the men and kids too, of course). Mother’s Day is always one of my favorite days of the year because all of the ladies in my family get to relax and have mimosas together while the kids are taken off our hands. We always have pleasant conversations and enjoy each other’s company, which is not something that happens often with the busy lives we lead. Mother’s Day means more to me each year as I get older and realize how much my own mother did for me (and still does, if I’m being honest). I’m glad to have a chance to pause and reflect on how wonderful she is and I can only hope my own kids view me that way in the future.

For those of you facing a difficult day because of losing your own mother or remembering a baby or child you’ve lost, you have my deepest sympathies and I will keep you all in my thoughts. I posted yesterday about the difficulty I’m dealing with this weekend, so I can fully relate. Holidays like this are tricky because so many are happily celebrating but the very thing that makes the day so great for some can make it a miserable nightmare for others. If you’re anticipating a sad day, I hope you can find a bright spot somewhere.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

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