Wendy Williams Tells Alyssa Milano and Other Breastfeeding Moms to Put Their Boobs Away

alyssa-milano-breastfeedingTalk show host Wendy Williams thinks Alyssa Milano and other breastfeeding mothers should put their breasts away because she doesn’t want to see that shit. I don’t want to see Wendy Williams’ shitty talk show, either, but somehow she is still on the air. Maybe that means Wendy Williams should just suck up her distaste and look away when she sees a breastfeeding woman, much the way I change the channel whenever I accidentally click over to her TV show.

According to SheKnows, 43-year-old TV star and breastfeeding activist Alyssa Milano was a guest on Williams’ show this week. Milano has been in the news recently for posting a photo of herself breastfeeding her 16-month-old daughter on Instagram. It’s a pretty tame photo. There’s not even any nipple. It’s just Milano looking pretty in a plaid shirt, and one breast would be exposed, except that it is not because her daughter’s curly head is in the way.

Maybe that’s what people are upset by. “I could see that boob, if only that baby were not using it! Raaaage!”

Williams said that if it were her who needed to feed a hungry newborn, she would just go out to the car. But considering that women have been screamed at even for breastfeeding in their own cars, that doesn’t seem like an option that will please everybody.

Basically, there’s nothing we’re going to do that is going to make everyone happy. You can’t please everyone, so the only remaining option is to pick a feeding method that works for you and your baby, and then do it whether or not Wendy Williams wants to see it or not. Babies need to eat. Wendy Williams is a grown-up and can turn her head or play with her phone.

Here’s the clip of the conversation in full. It does require watching Wendy Williams’ show, but hey, it’s a good opportunity to scope out Alyssa Milano’s cute haircut.


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