Well Fed, Flat Broke: Bacon Spaghetti

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So, Tuesday. Here we are again, having survived Monday but with so little left to give to anyone but Don Draper or anything but season 3 of Mad Men (DO NOT TELL ME ANYTHING, I AM SO BEHIND). Tuesday is the weekday equivalent of the day after the day after the gym – it hurts, and yet somehow you never see it coming.

So, spaghetti. Only, this is Tuesday, and therefore not the night for careful sauce-making or slowly building deep flavour.

This is … blender night. This is … “is that bacon?” night. This is … well, this is pretty damn good, even if it seems a little trashy.

It is a little trashy, and that’s kind of the point. Bacon spaghetti looks just like normal spaghetti except that it’s hiding bacon. You can add herbs if you want, but if you don’t … meh. It goes well with cold beer, and it’s the kind of dish your small person or small people will eat without even negotiating the number of bites they’ll be required to take before they’re done.

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