Welcome to Our New Site

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Web design

As many of you have no doubt noticed, it has been a long time since Mommyish has been updated – I mean who still has a tweetbox on their homepage? Well, today we are excited to introduce you to our new design.  A few things we hope you notice:

  • The pages are lighter and should load faster
  • We have introduced infinite scroll to most pages on the website
  • Longer articles (like this one) will now be on fewer pages so you don’t need to hit “next page” a bazillion times
  • The mobile pages are a lot more easy to navigate
  • We kept Disqus (per your feedback) so people can continue to post and be part of our community

We welcome your feedback ([email protected]) and appreciate your patience if there are bugs that need to be worked out over the next few days.  If the site is not working for you for any reason, let us know as well.

It is our goal to begin slowly ramping up content on the site over the next few months.  A number of you participated in the surveys we ran and we hope to meet your expectations regarding the stuff you see on the site.  Please let us know your thoughts as we do!

Thanks for visiting, participating and enjoying the site.  Also, please follow us on Facebook!