Welcome To Mommyish. Is It Nap Time Yet?

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Good morning readers and thank you for stopping by on this, our day of birth.

Mommyish is a place of the parenting imperfect, dedicated to recognizing and debunking the mythology of a pristine motherhood. Here on staff, we recognize motherhood is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, but rather an evolving portrait that includes a variety of paths, mistakes, and opinions. We seek to recognize the modern array of mothers in their distinctive and differing personal approaches to parenting.

We have variety of upcoming columns that cover everything from autism (The Full Spectrum) to motherhood after a divorce (Splitsville) to what your nanny or babysitter might be experiencing (Confessions Of A Governess). We respond to news and pop culture with a realistic attitude towards work life balance while also providing tips and adventures in parenting. Mommyish also seeks to dismantle the notion that women with children have no other interests than their children, and so along side debates on cloth diapers and breastfeeding, we also aim to provide material that can be a respite from your maternal duties.

Mommyish hopes to be an interactive site and we want to engage with you, our readers, as much as possible. We’ll be conducting weekly polls on a slew of topics and write-in contests so that we can hear from you about your experiences as a modern mother.

Our editorial team consists of three women based respectively in Toronto, New York City, and Washington D.C. Shawna Cohen, our editor in chief, is the mother of two small boys and has written extensively on pop culture, health, style. Koa Beck, our deputy editor, is a fiction writer, a feminist, and a women’s issues enthusiast. Mollie Hemingway, our associate editor, is a Colorado native and the mother of two toddlers. She holds the dubious distinction of maintaining both a sex column as well as a religion column.

So please, hang out, peruse the cloth diaper gallery, checkout what cool gender equality stuff Geena Davis is doing, and maybe tweet or Facebook your favorites. (There might be some free coffee in it for you if you do.)

Welcome. We’re Mommy(ish).