Open Thread: Where’s The Weirdest Place You’ve Ever Pumped, Breastfed, Or Made A Formula Bottle?

breast-pumpWe’ve all been there: when your baby needs to eat it doesn’t matter if you’re in line at airport security, at a concert, church, or driving home from work – you’ve gotta make dat milk. My own milk journey has been a weird one – I have pumped in my car sitting in Los Angeles traffic more times than I can count, I have spilled formula all over planes and cars because those bottle holes shrink the second you’re trying to pour powder into them, and I’ve whipped my boobs while in line for Pirates of the Caribbean (yo-ho!).

So please, let’s overshare together. Tell us the nitty-gritty details about all the weird places you’ve ever had to feed your kids, in whatever way that is.

(Photo: Shutterstock)


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