The 10 Most WTF Gifts Given To Prince George Last Year

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6. A miniature motorbike

prince george wiggles(via)

Um, who’d want to ride a motorbike when instead you could be carried around in a plush sedan chair by four of your favorite minions?

7. A permanently reserved seat at the pub

prince george do you know who i am(via)

Who loves going to the bar more than a baby?!

8. An apple tree

prince george unhand me(via)

This gift from Labour Party leader Ed Miliband is apparently a traditional gift for firstborn sons, but maybe it works better for firstborn sons who don’t already own by proxy an entire kingdom’s worth of apple trees.

9. A £10,000 diaper-cream charm bracelet

prince george oops(via)

The only thing babies love more than going to the bar is breaking and/or eating the wildly expensive gold jewelry you got them for their birthday.

10. A hand-crafted pine toy box

prince george where did the servants leave my sword


That’s sweet. Now, who’s going to give him another 705 pine toy boxes to hold all the rest of the mega-loot he’s gotten?

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