Stupid Weed Edibles Company Sued For Allegedly Marketing To Kids

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weed candy bar

In the most practical sounding lawsuit ever, the Hershey company is suing a Colorado marijuana edibles maker for making four weed-centric candies that closely resemble various well-known products that Hershey makes. Why? Well, I’m sure copyrights come into play, but another reason is KIDS are mistaking the candies for the real deal and getting sick.

The company in question, TinctureBelle LLC/TinctureBelle Marijuanka LLC is based in Denver, Colorado, and Hershey filed the suit in the U.S. District Court in the same city. It alleges that TinctureBelle’s various offerings too closely match their iconic products. The products? Ganja Joy (Almond Joy), Dabby Patty (York Peppermint Patty), Hasheath (Heath), and Hashees (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups).

The company also produces products like balms and lotions, and seems to be a mom and pop operation. They sell their products in Colorado’s legal pot dispensaries, and Hershey is alleging that their packaging is an obvious ploy to trick Hershey customers, including children.

According to the Hershey’s lawsuit, TinctureBelle:

“creates a genuine safety risk with regard to consumers” who may inadvertently eat them thinking they are ordinary chocolate candy.”

In addition to this lawsuit, Colorado lawmakers are looking to tighten regulations for the largely un-monitored marijuana edibles industry, which seems like a freaking no-brainer to me. Doctors and parents are also alleging that kids are mistaking the highly potent snacks for actual Hershey products, sending them to the ER in “increasing numbers.” WHOA.

Obviously Hershey wants TinctureBelle to stop selling these products, most likely due to competition but I’m sure they’re also worried about lawsuits from sick kids’ parents, mistakenly blaming their company for their child’s illness. According to Hershey:

“Individuals and families the world over trust Hershey and its various brands as signifying safe and delicious treats for people of all ages.”

This whole situation seems like a huge FAIL on TinctureBelle’s part. I’m sure they assumed that a huge corporation like Hershey would be oblivious to their little operation, but that seems pretty naive to me. And shouldn’t it be obvious that little kids will mistake their highly ADULT product for actual candy? The hippie in me hates to say this, but I kinda hope Hershey wins this lawsuit. Because duh.