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Apparently All of Us Have Been Wearing Bras the Wrong Way Since Forever

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At this point in my life, I’ve pretty much given up on wearing regular bras. If it’s not a sports bra or a bralette, gtfo. They’re heinously uncomfortable, I have yet to find a good fit, and it’s just not worth the hassle. But what if the reason we hate them is because we’ve been wearing bras wrong THIS WHOLE TIME? Activist Brittany Packnett stumbled across this life-changing bit of information, and now my whole boob life is a lie.

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Now, if you’re one of those women who knew this, I salute you. But here’s my confession: I, too, have been wearing bras wrong.

Apparently there’s more to bra wearing than just slapping it on.

Brittany got a bra from ThirdLove, a company that promises to send you a bra with a perfect fit. When you sign up on the website, you take a short quiz to determine the best type of bra for your boobs. Then ThirdLove sends you the magical bra, which apparently comes with instructions.

I feel like if they attach an instructional tag to their bras, they must realize that LOTS of women are wearing bras wrong.

Brittany, like most women, was like, um I know how to put on a bra. She probably laughed, like pssssh, I GOT THIS. But then, she read the tag. <Narrator’s voice> She did not have this.

Your bra should fit comfortably on the loosest clasp, right out of the box. I did not know this. Also, YOU NEED TO PLACE YOUR BOOBS.

This is my issue too! I’m small-chested. I don’t have boobs to place. Or so I thought. Other women chimed in that they, too, have been dropping the boob in the bra department.

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So ladies, if you’re like me, and you’ve pretty much written off wearing regular bras, all is not lost! I plan on going bra shopping this weekend, and using these instructions to find a better-fitting boob holder. I don’t know how much of a difference it’ll make, but I’m optimistic. Just goes to show, you’re never too old to learn something new!

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