10 Ridiculous Ways To Commemorate Your Pregnancy

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6. Making a belly-growth chart

(Image: pinterest)

(Image: pinterest)


This one could also be turned into a totally cool art piece! Otherwise, it’s just… uhh, a big piece of drawing paper with some scribbles on it. Stand up against a wall and trace your belly outline with a pencil each week to document your growing curve. Although, you may want to go bi-weekly here. Bloat and gas can really account for a while lot and might just eff with the whole operation.


7. Keeping a pregnancy journal


For a writer, this is kind of a must. Whether you write on a blog, for a website or just in a journal on your nightstand, writing can be a therapeutic and calming way to express your innermost feelings at a time of such immense change. You certainly don’t have to write each and every day, but when feelings arise jot them down somewhere. If you aren’t a writer, it may feel self-indulgent at first (you’ll get used to it). But no doubt it will be nice to look back and remember what you were going through while everything around you seemed to be shifting.


8. Having a Mother Blessing


In our culture, we prefer the more commercialized version of the mother blessing, known as the baby shower. But with a growing realization that the mama-to-be is actually important (duh!) mother blessings are becoming more common in Western societies. Similar to a baby shower, this tradition is a gathering that celebrates a woman’s transition into motherhood. More emphasis is placed on the mother, rather than the baby. It is a unique way for women to share stories and dispel any fears the mama-to-be may have. In essence, it’s a way to nurture her and build her up her confidence at a time when she may be experiencing a little extra anxiety. Rather than something off of a registry, a stone or perhaps a necklace to wear during labor are more common gifts. Doting on mama? Bring it on. Pretty soon she’ll just be drooled on instead, all the live long day.


9. Henna that belly up

(Image: shutterstock)

(Image: shutterstock)


So real tattoos probably aren’t recommended for pregnant bellies, right? But henna is a fun, temporary option to adorn your bump with. The bigger you are, the better. So wait till you’re ready to pop and tat that belly up. It should last for about 10 days. In some cultures, applying henna towards the end of pregnancy is believed to protect baby and mama during labor and delivery.

10. 3D Model of your fetus


Yes, I saved the best for last because apparently you can hold your baby before it’s even been born now. If a 4D ultrasound picture isn’t enough and you’ve just got to feel the weight of your tiny newborn in your arms, the california-based company 3D babies  will use an image of your fetus to create a doll that resembles him or her. Yikes. I mean! To each their own.

(Image:  ProKasia/shutterstock)

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