NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre Feigns Concern For Rape Victims To Push NRA Agenda

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shutterstock_125837816NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre gave a very impassioned speech yesterday at CPAC, basically urging everyone – especially potential rape victims – to arm themselves. More guns equals less sexual violence – in case you hadn’t heard.

I’m guessing the tangent he went on about arming women to protect themselves from potential rapists was motivated by the remarks that Democratic Colorado state Sen. Evie Hudak made last week that set the Internet ablaze – and spawned unwarranted attacks on Zerlina Maxwell – political analyst and rape survivor. If you somehow managed to miss the story, the gist of it is Maxwell had the nerve to imply that arming women wasn’t the answer to combating sexual assault – but educating men was. Obviously no self-respecting, gun-toting, conservative could possibly understand why anyone would want to get to the bottom of what drives our rape culture. Why do that when we can just arm everyone?

The Internet exploded with attacks on Maxwell. LaPierre, obviously tired of using his usual schtick of protecting school children, decided to momentarily focus his attention on potential rape victims:

I see a lot of young women here today. Here’s some more advice from political elites who know what’s best for you:Some members of the Colorado State Legislature think women are too emotional to deal with a violent attack. Senator Jessie Ulibarri said that, instead of using a firearm, you would be better off using “ballpoint pens” to stab an attacker when he stops to reload.

A ballpoint pen?

At the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, officials recommend that women defend themselves against a rapist with quote, “passive resistance.”

Passive resistance? The one thing a violent rapist deserves to face is a good woman with a gun!

Yes, arming women will solve the pervasive problem we have with sexual violence against women in this country. No, it won’t – but also – shut up. Don’t align yourself with conservative ideologies at every turn, then when it is convenient and newsworthy act like you give a shit about rape victims. Frankly, no one should be surprised that some women, (okay, me) may not trust the advice of someone who served on the board of the American Conservative Union.

I realize all conservatives aren’t crazy people who believe in something as stupid as “legitimate rape.” But with all of the inane words that have come out of the mouths of self-proclaimed conservatives lately, I don’t want to hear someone like LaPierre using something as horrifying as rape to further his agenda.

You’re either for us, or you’re against us. And if you’re for us – it shouldn’t only be because you want to sell more guns. That’s just gross.

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