Facebook and Instagram Removed a Stunning Water Birth Photo for Violating ‘Standards for Nudity’

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water birth photo

Image: Marijke Thoen

Marijke captured the moment big sister met her little brother. She told CafeMom, “It was very important for the mother that Nelle could be there, as the mother says the little girl has been looking forward to the birth as much as the mother and father.” Little Nelle, 2 years old, was there to witness the exact moment baby Cisse entered the world, submerged in water. Just look at those little faces!

Marijke says in her experience, older children react similarly when see a baby being born: simply mesmerized. She wanted to share these images and the once-in-a-lifetime meeting, so she posted them to her social media accounts.

Thousands of people saw and shared the images, but they weren’t up for long before Facebook removed them. Marijke’s account was also blocked. Says Marijke, “I really think they should try and find a solution for these kind of pictures that are banned, this is nothing explicit.”

Marijke also shared the photo on Instagram, where it was removed multiple times. A spokesperson for Facebook told HuffPost UK that the images were removed because they depicted female nudity (a nipple is visible in the water birth photo). God forbid a beautiful photo of a natural process show a nipple. Do better, Facebook.

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(Image: Instagram / Marijke Thoen)

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