Wife Responds To Lazy Husband By Pulling A Gun On Him, Like You Do

angry-woman-holding-shotgunYou won’t always be on the same page as your partner, which is why I’m sure many of us have been in this situation. You really want to get your house in order, but your partner has other plans in mind. Their plans involve Netflix, snacks, blankets, pillows, and doing absolutely nothing to help you out. In the angry spouse version of this Choose Your Own Adventure book, you have a few options here. Do you:

A. Ignore them and do it yourself.
B. Sigh loudly and stomp around until they get the hint.

C. Yell and scream.
D. Get the gun and start shooting at them.

If you chose option D, congratulations! You must be Starlene Roth from Marysville, Washington!

According to Raw Story, Roth was arrested on Saturday night and eventually charged with attempted murder after she pulled a gun on her husband and began shooting at him. The reason? He’d recently been discharged from the hospital for Hepatitis and his wife was mad that he wasn’t doing his share of the housework.

According to the man’s story, the wife threw a vase at him on Saturday night, and then pushed over their barbeque as he was cleaning up the glass. When he picked up the barbeque, she pushed it over again, he said. The man told police that he was inside the home when his wife retrieved a Smith & Wesson 9 MM pistol from the bedroom.

Roth reportedly told her husband to “get the fuck out of the house” and then fired a single shot at him. She missed, thankfully, and then he had her arrested.

Perhaps the most shocking part of this story is that Roth feels no remorse. She admitted to getting out-of-control angry at her spouse and even told police she “wanted him to pay,” but she maintains that she did nothing wrong and was within her rights to start shooting at him because he got her “so pissed off.”

The situation seems comical at first blush, but in actuality this was a pretty intense domestic dispute that could’ve ended in a senseless death. Guns in the home are serious business, especially when you’re dealing with volatile people who are likely to pull them out in an argument. I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure the second amendment wasn’t intended to give someone the right to shoot anyone who pisses them off. Roth clearly needs some anger management classes and to never have access to a gun ever again.

(Photo: Ljupco / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

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