The Only Thing More Horrifying Than A School Shooting Is One That No One Can See Coming

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While his tweets indicate he was dealing with some romantic angst, I don’t know that if I were his parent, I would have seen these tweets as red flags. What teen isn’t melodramatic at times, especially when it comes to their love life? So many teens live their lives in social media and if parents reacted to each and every Facebook status or tweet that indicated something was amiss in their child’s life, we would all need to quit our jobs and be stay at home parents because it would be a full-time job.

Nothing in Jaylen’s words say to me, “This kid is really close to taking his father’s gun to school and killing his crush and a friend before shooting his cousin and some more friends and then taking his own life.” The entire group of friends attended a school dance together just a few days before the shooting. As a parent I try to rationalize tragic stories, tell myself that this won’t happen to my own family. But the deaths of Gia Soriano and Zoe Galasso and the suicide of Jaylen Fryberg make me feel like it really can happen to anyone and anywhere. I wish I could say that I would have seen this coming, I want to blame the parents for not stopping their son. But I really don’t know that anyone could have forseen this. My heart goes out to the victim’s families, as well as to the parents of Jaylen Fryberg.

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