17 Warning Signs During Pregnancy You Should Be Cautious About

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Severe Nausea Or Vomiting

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Morning sickness is a common occurrence in pregnancy and if you have never experienced it count your blessings! During the first trimester, many women will experience nausea and vomiting. Despite its name morning sickness can occur at any time day or night and may be constant. Morning sickness, although often miserable, is completely normal and is caused by (you guessed it) an increase in hormones.

What is NOT normal, however, is when the sickness becomes so severe that you are consistently vomiting multiple times a day and are unable to keep any food or water down. This can cause you to lose weight and become dehydrated. Often times morning sickness of this severity is linked to a more serious form of morning sickness called “hyperemesis gravidarum”. If you are experiencing symptoms of this unfortunate pregnancy illness, you should seek help to avoid potential problems.

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