Werner Herzog To Narrate Audio Version Of Potty-Mouthed Children’s Book

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German director Werner Herzog will narrate an audio version of Go the F**k to Sleep, the surprise bestseller for parents struggling with their children’s nighttime issues. His recording will be unveiled at the book release party at the New York Public Library and Mommyish will be there and will give a full report.

In a welcome marketing move, a family group from New Zealand has even criticized the book. (I’m always suspicious that such calls for a ban are financed by the publishing company.) But the verses are riddled with expletives, such as:

“The cubs and the lions are snoring, / Wrapped in a big snuggly heap. / How come you can do all this other great s*&^ / But you can’t lie the f*&^ down and sleep?”

The New Zealand group Family First complains:

“While in an adult context, the book may be harmless and even amusing, we have grave concerns about its effect on aggressive and dysfunctional parents, and also on children who are attracted to the book,” said director Bob McCoskrie. “Because the book looks like a children’s story, it could easily be mistaken by children as being for them. Some parents may even foolishly read it to their children. As well as that, the offensive language and the tone of the conversation is also concerning. Verbal abuse is a huge concern and can be very damaging to both children and adults.”

And to that, I say, if you are a parent who “foolishly” reads this book to your children, you have much bigger problems than can be solved by banning a book.

I will note, though, that my children do sometimes ask us to read picture books that are not for them. They have found my husband’s old Simpsons books or even Calvin and Hobbes books. All in due time, children. All in due time.

Until then, I look forward to this German guy reading the book for hipster parents. Perfect choice.