Volkswagon Realizes That To Appeal To Moms, They Need To Show Great Dads

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Many commercials have a tendency to feature bonehead dads who don’t know the difference between the washing machine and the oven. Surprisingly, these commercials do little to resonate with women. However, Volkswagen has displayed some perception by including smart, aware dads in two of their latest commercials aimed at women. Finally, advertisers realize that in order to appeal to the 85% of women who influence automotive decisions, they’re going to need to show some co-parenting.

Holly Buchanan, author of The Soccer Mom Myth: Today’s Female Consumer, Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys, blogged about these two ads. As an expert on marketing to women, Buchanan wrote:

…when I see a commercial that portrays fathers in a positive light, I notice.  So do moms and dads everywhere.

The first ad carefully uses a sharp daddy while also displaying the great features of the car:


The second manages to convey the presence of a very smart father who doesn’t even make an appearance in the ad. Nevertheless, his presence as a pretty sophisticated father is felt:


Of course, these ads are nowhere near showing men putting together a family dinner or scrubbing the bathroom. But this small initiative does show that interested dads do catch the attention of moms — and for good reason.