Anonymous Mom: I’m Hiding My Daughter’s $300/Hr Voice Lessons From My Husband

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Every week I do some mental mathematical aerobics. What can I cut out this week so I can continue to send my daughter to her voice lessons? Her weekly lessons cost just as much as our weekly grocery bill and are just as expensive as our monthly electricity bills, and as much as a pair of good winter boots for me that would probably last a decade. At $300 a pop, I not only lie to my husband about how much her lessons cost, but I actually hide them from him too.

A friend of mine, who showed me a video of her daughter singing on her iPhone, introduced me to this singing instructor. She was unbelievable. My daughter wants to be an actress, singer, and dancer like so many other little girls. So I asked for this instructor’s contact number.

“He’s a little expensive,” my friend told me. When she told me this instructor cost per hour, my jaw dropped. “But…how…who…” I stuttered. “Who can afford this?”

It turns out a lot of people can and do, including my friend who has three children, doesn’t work, and her husband, too, is known to be cheap. I wondered how she got away with these $300 a week lessons for her daughter.

“I don’t know if he’ll have any space for you,” my friend continued. “He’s constantly booked.”

Well, it turns out that he did have space for my daughter (And who wouldn’t, I figure, find the space for $300 an hour?) The time wasn’t great, as it was over dinner hour, but I would make it work.

I sat in for the first hour as this instructor taught my daughter how to sing from her stomach and open her mouth while belting out notes. I was completely impressed by the end of the hour when my daughter could sing a song from the musical Annie, and she actually sounded more than half decent. She sounded amazing. And so I was hooked. Each week, she got better and better, as my bank account dwindled and dwindled.

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