Vogue Italia Pulls Image Of 19-Year-Old Karlie Kloss After It Appears On ‘Thinspo’ Sites

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Karlie Kloss Vogie ItaliaKarlie Kloss, one of the top models in today’s Victoria Secret and high fashion landscapes, recently did a shoot for Vogue Italia in which the former ballerina appears nude. And although those photographs made their way around the  interwebs as people marveled over the young woman’s  physique, a different photograph has now become the subject of scandal after being found on pro-ana or thinspiration web sites.

The photograph in which Karlie appears in tight hot pants with her stomach contorted has been pulled from the publication’s website in response. Daily Mail reports that Franca Sozzani, the magazine’s editor, is dedicated to battling pro-eating disorder web sites.

Lynn S Grefe, President and CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, told that she’s very pleased to see that the publication has reacted. She said:

“If they recognized that it was a bad image, that it was having a bad effect… I’m sorry they put it up there in the first place, but good for them for pulling it.”

While I agree with Lynn that publishing such an image has its own host of problems, the magazine’s reaction to the obvious misuse of the image by websites that encourage the disorder eating of young girls is commendable. Upon recognizing that the photograph had been co-opted to encourage anorexia and bulimia, Vogue acted responsibly thanks to the concerns and passions of the editor.

Having men and women at the tops of these publications who are aware of the power of media, the impressions of these images, and the way young people respond to them does in fact make all the difference.