You Won’t Believe The Videos The Dad Of ‘Action Movie Kid’ is Creating For Him

Viral Videos Action Movie Kid I think we can all agree that Action Movie Kid, aka James Hashimoto, is going to have the coolest collection of videos ever to show at his high school graduation party. James is three-years-old, and his dad Daniel, who also just happens to be a Dreamworks animator, takes videos of his son doing what every normal three-year-old does , going to Toys R Us, jumping on sofa cushions and pretending the floor is covered with lava and hanging out at a McDonald’s play place and through the magic of special effects makes James transform into Action Movie Kid. It’s amazing.
[youtube_iframe id=”M26RufAG1yw”]

[youtube_iframe id=”HdrORwZzlBk”]

[youtube_iframe id=”pKu1uWcHVtE”]

[youtube_iframe id=”qwEojbo665U”]
[youtube_iframe id=”el5TwST_Hso”]

[youtube_iframe id=”nMzG0x9vwHk”]

I don’t have any videos of my kids that come even close to this level of awesomeness. I think Daniel could have a pretty sweet new business here if he taught parents how to add special effects to their boring home movies of their own boring kids doing boring stuff, I know I would sign up for that class.

This is all too cute and clever. They have totally upped the game for the rest of you parents uploading videos on You Tube of your kids standing there looking all uncomfortable and singing along to New Direction songs. You can see more amazing videos from Action Movie Kid and his dad here.

(Image: You Tube)

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