Viral Post Reminds Everyone to Put an End to Mom Shaming

Being a mother is difficult enough without having to endure the seemingly endless mommy wars. For whatever reason, moms seem to jump on each other for all parenting decisions they make. From breastfeeding to diapers to preschool “teaching style,” someone out there has an opinion. Of course, this isn’t always a moms-only issue (plenty of non-moms like to judge from the outside as well). Regardless of who’s doing the judging, though, it definitely needs to stop. And that’s very likely what inspired one mom to create a social media post reminding everyone to put an end to mom shaming.

Mom and The Mum on the Run blogger Laura Mazza recently took to Facebook to shine a light on the judgement that so many mothers face. In her now-viral post, Mazza paints a very clear and relatable message for her followers. It starts off easy enough, with the sentence: Don’t judge me.

If it were only that easy, though, to get people to stop simply by saying that. Mazza recognizes that she needs to go into detail.

“If i complain about my children, don’t say i don’t love them. If i say how perfect they are, don’t tell me I’m too braggy. You don’t see the hours I spend holding and loving them,” the post continues.

From there, Mazza strays into a number of heated mommy debate topics, like the formula feeding mom who shouldn’t be judged since we don’t really know what “her journey” was, and the breastfeeding mom, who puts in a lot of work to feed her baby in such a way. She shoots down haters from both camps with this single plea:

“Don’t belittle the act of a mother feeding her baby.”

Mazza doesn’t stop there, though. She asks that people (not just moms, but everyone) stop judging the moms who maybe lose it on their kid in public one day, because we, “don’t know that she is always gentle but today she lost her shit because she’s tired and worn out.” And she also tells folks to stop judging when they see moms on their phones because she just might be working, or looking up what to make for dinner, or talking to her own mother, “that lives a million miles away.”

She defends the single moms, the moms who feed their kids fast food, the moms who haven’t lost the “baby weight,” and all the moms who get judged every single day.

“Every mother has her own story,” says Mazza.

“…and remember before you criticise, accuse or abuse, you have to walk a mile in her shoes.”

Well said.

(Image: Facebook / Laura Mazza)

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