Robbie Tripp, Who Went Viral for His ‘Love Letter’ to His ‘Curvy’ Wife Is Not So Great (and Neither Is His Wife)

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Sometimes, a person can speak too soon. And last week, that person was me. You might recall a viral story about a husband (Robbie Tripp) who wrote a “love letter” on his Instagram feed. Tripp was being lauded as some sort of hero (not my words) for expressing his attraction to, well, curvier women. Which, OK. I’m not against that, though our standards are a bit low if we have to cheer that on. However, turns out the guy that posted the love letter to his curvy wife is not so great (and neither is his wife). Let me explain…

See, after reading too many articles praising Tripp, Feminist YouTuber and children’s author (and generally rad lady of many hats) Kat Blaque did some digging about Robbie Tripp and his wife, Sara. And unfortunately, what she found was NOT good. She found Twitter user @nomchompsky, who uncovered a few select old tweets from the Tripps, and they were all problematic as fuck.

In one, Robbie makes racist criticism about black men wearing do-rags as comparable to white guys wearing socks with sandals. Then in another transphobic tweet, he talks about how Caitlyn Jenner will be “always a Bruce” because that’s how she “came into the world.” NOT OK.

And then, Sarah also posted a tweet long ago about her brother coming to her apartment and asking if they were “black now” because she was serving up fried chicken and watermelon. But not only that, she adds the hashtag #lovehim basically telling the world that’s she’s 100% fine with racist jokes like that.

So yeah, Sarah and Robbie Tripp (and probably many of your viral faves) are problematic.

All that aside, I want to apologize for not digging deeper on this matter. It was later brought up to me that while Tripp’s intentions might have been good enough (regarding the “love letter”), we have to do better if we’re acting like this dude is incredible for basically loving his wife (which you’re SUPPOSED to do) and for being attracted to non-stereo typically beautiful women (which shouldn’t even be a thing).

Not to mention, Sarah is white and not all that thick to begin with, so it’s not like he’s really reaching. Yes, he wanted to let his straight male followers that they shouldn’t feel “shame” for loving women who don’t fit the tall and skinny stereotype of beauty. And yes, he did remind the ladies on his feed that they shouldn’t feel the need to change for men or to bother with dudes who don’t love them for them. But…the fact that so many other articles were drinking the Kool-Aid about him being awesome (even my own to a smaller extent) is, well, problematic.

Plus, he’s (at least in past tweets) made it clear he thinks transphobic and racist jokes are totally alright to make. Let’s all try to do a little better from now on, shall we?

(Image: Twitter / @AustynZOGS)