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5 Things You Should Stop Trying To Make Go Viral

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tumblr_lpdvry1Myi1qiihxxo2_400__1383163210_142.196.156.251Does it seem like everyone wants to be a YouTube sensation these days? How many more videos of cute babies dancing do we have to see before we say, ENOUGH. We need to collectively stop allowing certain things go viral. It’s starting to feel like Groundhog Day on the Interwebs.

1. Your Break Up

Break ups are boring. Break ups are dreaded. I barely remember the details of any of my own break-ups because they were so damn tedious. Please stop trying to be funny by breaking up with someone you at one time admitting to loving, IN A VERY PUBLIC WAY. Even via an adorable song – it’s still tedious.

2. Your Dancing Baby

Dancing babies are cute – mostly if they are your own. But unless your baby can do the Samba, and is also menacingly close to falling off the kitchen table – don’t bother.

3. Your Crying Child

Okay, this one is the worst. Parents, this is just mean. I know it gets annoying to listen to a child cry. Maybe your child has been crying for so long – it’s is actually driving you crazy and clouding your judgement. If you ever find yourself in a moment of total annoyance with your child – put down the camera. Making fun of your child’s distress in a video that may go viral is not stellar parenting.

4. Your Craigslist Ad

I thought this was really funny the first time I saw it – then I realized this whole clever Craigslist thing has been done, and done, and done. Next.

5. Your Open Letter

Everyone has an open letter to write about everything. Sinead’s to Miley Cyrus really made the whole fad jump the shark for me. I guess I better never write an “open letter” on this site.

Stop trying so hard, people. Just write a story about cakes that are also vaginas – that works. Just kidding. The Internet is like a fickle toddler. No one can really figure out what he wants, but when he finally likes something – he gorges on it.

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