Adorable Time-Lapse Video Shows Mom What Dad And Baby Do All Day

youtubedadbabyThis is the cutest video ever. Emio Tomeoni, 30, of Kansas City, works in the film production industry and wanted to show his wife Stephanie Ramos, how he spends his day with the couple’s twenty-one-month-old son Xavier when mom isn’t home. Not only has the video gone viral with over 400,000 views on You Tube, when little Xavier grows up he can see how much fun he had with his father playing with every toy in the house and what a great helper he was when clean-up time rolled around. I love how Xavier hides in the box, and then dad puts him in the box, and then baby goes back into the box. All of you moms out there with tiny ones can show this video to your partners and make them feel extra guilty that they aren’t as adorable as Emio is, what with the playing and filming and probably making his wife cry when she saw the short film.

From GMA:

“We both have perfect jobs, but our hours are completely upside down,” Tomeoni told “She’s night side, I work regular hours. Her off days are weird. We’re making all these adjustments. We didn’t have a solid day care yet, so I’m taking weird days off and I end up at home with our son in the daytime a lot. And it’s great.

“Me and him alone, progressively, I got obsessed with getting him toys,” he said. “So I kept telling her how our days went, saying, ‘This place was a wreck, a disaster. We played all day.’ And then she’d walk in and it would be spotless.”


[youtube_iframe id=”RntoTUPuWMc”]

D’awwwww. I love how it just perfectly captures the love that this dad has for his son. There is nothing phony or scripted about it, just the reality of feeding and diapering and keeping a toddler out of trouble and occupied during the day, which as we all know, is exhausting. Now I just hope that Stephanie makes her own video to show us how she spends the day with Xavier.

(photo: you tube)

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