Video: Watch Sarah Jessica Parker Totally Evade A Question About Her Parenting Style

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Sarah Jessica Parker was cornered by Andrea Mitchell today to discuss some new research about motherhood. Andrea tells SJP that a growing number of women yearn for a stay-at-home role and the I Don’t Know How She Does It actress gave a fumbled, yet eventually articulate response.

Sarah Jessica skillfully evades the more veiled question here which is how as a working mom does she respond to the findings that the majority of parents want a stay-at-home role. SJP’s answer is pretty solid. After some careful and fairly articulate rambling, she noted that our increased obsession with technology can make people feel lonely, a sentiment that I’m sure hard-working parents and the childless can agree on. Being so plugged in makes people yearn for a more human connection according to Sarah Jessica, which means a SAHM who is there when you get home from school and forbids you from whipping out the iPhone at the dinner table.

I agree with the mother of three that our increased connectivity calls into the question the value of human connectedness and how present we can be with our children. I also like that SJP manages to say something pretty noteworthy while also totally evading a personal question about her parenting style.

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