Video: The Best Father-Daughter Dance You Will Ever See

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I recently attended a wedding that had one of the most charming father-daughter dances I’ve ever seen. I already love the bride and her father. He’s an absolute saint. A strong man whose love for his wife is legendary. This was the first of his independent daughters to marry. I’ve thought that it would be difficult for a girl in that family to get married because of how much she’d have to live up to in terms of finding someone with whom she could aspire to having something akin to her parents’ beautiful marriage. But she did find a beautiful man and they had a fantastic wedding.

So they had their dance and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Typically, though, father-daughter dances are not what you’d call the highlight of a wedding.

At the wedding celebration featured below, however, the father-daughter dance stole the show. It was so awesome to watch that I was standing up and cheering by the end. That may just be me, but I now hope to see something like this at every wedding I attend in the future. Get on it, fathers and daughters.