Video: Mother Sarah Jessica Parker Admits That She Is, In Fact, Not Like Us

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Yesterday, I attended a Q&A with Sarah Jessica Parker and author Allison Pearson in promotion of the film adapted from her novel I Don’t Know How She Does It. The actress was quite humble when she was described as “the ultimate working mom” by a fan. SJP was very eloquent and forthcoming about her status as a celebrity and her ability to afford a type of parenting that most mothers cannot.

“I am not the ultimate working mom,” the actress admitted. “I don’t do it like most working women do…day in and day out.” Although she spared the audience the details, SJP was most likely referring to full-time nannies and the high childcare bills accrued by she and fellow working husband Matthew Broderick. She acknowledged that the majority of women manage to run their homes with a lot less resources than she possesses, and that she remains in awe of mothers who are less privileged.

She described each home as “it’s own special symphony ” of scheduling, relaying racing, and chaos control, which can ultimately not be compared between families.

Pearson chimed in, agreeing that “We run the small country of home” when reflecting on her early days of parenting two small children. In a poignant reflection of the many domestic fires she still puts out, she said, “Women make the world work so men can run it.”

When asked about how she manages to relate to her childless friends, despite being a mother to three, the Sex and the City star admitted, “I cherish those friends.”

SJP and Pearson also lead a conversation with the audience about the perfectionism mothers impose on themselves when it comes their kids. Sarah Jessica pointed out that much of it has to do with judgements from other women coupled with wanting the very best for our kids.

The actress discussed her own experiences “winging” it when it comes to parenting as well as a horribly embarrassing incident of heading to a school function for her kids in her pink furry house slippers.

In the video below, Pearson is the lovely English woman to the right of Jessica in magenta.