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20 Best Video Game Inspired Baby Names

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yoshi super smash bros.

Images: Nintendo / Super Smash Bros.

If you loved the sidekick of the Super Mario Brothers series, you are not alone. The trusty dinosaur was listed as “20 Top Video Game Sidekicks of All Time” according to WhatCulture. However, Yoshi was not just a sidekick. He is well-known for his role is “Yoshi’s Island” where he saves Baby Mario and Baby Luigi from a villainous witch named Kamek. He is a playable character in Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Mario Party. Yoshi is a unisex but more often boy’s name that means “respectful” in Japanese. If you want a feminine name for your baby girl, you can also name your girl Yoshiko, which means “good child”.

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