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20 Best Video Game Inspired Baby Names

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rosalina and luma super mario galaxy

Images: Nintendo / Super Mario Galaxy

Do you remember when the name Luna used to be a unique name? Yeah, me too. After Chrissy Teigen and John Legend named their baby girl Luna in 2016, the name quickly flew from #110 in 2015 to #37 in 2017. Now in 2019, the name is the tenth most popular baby girl name in the United States. Luma is an Indian name that means “sunset”. Luma is also the name of the star- like companions that appear in the video game, Super Mario Galaxy. They accompany Princess Rosalina throughout the game and refer to her as their “mama”. You can see a Luma accompanying Rosalina in Mario Kart, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. Will Luma become popular like the name Luna? From 2016 to 2017, the name doubled in popularity.

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